Traffic Violations Tickets Attorney In Kenosha County

Occasionally in my practice, I represent individuals in traffic matters. For Commercial Driver’s License holders, it is a must to have an attorney on any traffic matter for the potential consequence of a suspension of your CDL. However, for ordinary license holders, hiring an attorney can still be necessary. In Wisconsin, with the point system, a certain combination of violations can result in a license suspension. In Illinois, two to three traffic violations can result in a license suspension.

What most people assume is, the only option they have is to enter a plea to the traffic violation through the mail and pay the ticket. This then goes on your record. This will affect your license privileges, your driver record, an even your insurance rates. On the other hand, if you are able to hire an attorney, an attorney can fight the cases, have the charges reduced or even dismissed, and if a plea is entered, have the result in only a fine – without even appearing on your record. Furthermore, you won’t even have to go to traffic safety school!

In accident cases, a plea of guilty can also further be used as evidence against you in civil court for money damages. Whatever you do, don’t enter a plea of guilty to anything until you’ve spoken to an attorney about your traffic case.

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