OWI / DUI Lawyer serving Kenosha County

Drunk-driving is one of the most common criminal charges that affects ordinary people from all walks of life. With the media frenzy and the political campaigns, it seems as if anyone that is pulled over during the early-morning hours is automatically assumed to be driving under the influence.

Everyone is familiar with the .08 BAC limit. Many people feel that if they blow above this limit, or if their blood reflects a higher level, they will automatically be found guilty of OWI/DUI. Not so. A qualified and experienced defense attorney can still defend your case – the blood or breath test may have been conducted improperly, there may have been a false reading at the lab, or your rights may have been violated, requiring the breath or blood results to be tossed out.

OWI/DUI cases are not cut and dry, as most people think. Like any other criminal case, there are options to putting on a defense. And unlike most criminal cases, there is a lot of scientific knowledge, expertise, and data that is involved, which oftentimes can be beneficial in presenting a defense to the charges.

If you’ve been charged with OWI/DUI, remember that you still have options. I have all my clients fill out a thorough questionnaire to determine the best possible avenue in putting on a defense. What you ate and drank on the night of the arrest, any medical conditions or physical impairments, and what you remember about the officer informing you of your rights all can be very important in fighting your case.