Drug Possession Attorney serving Kenosha County

Drug charges often carry heavy penalties, even for such offenses such as marijuana possession, which even in the amount of a few grams, can be a felony offense if there is a prior conviction. The unfairness in the law, especially now that marijuana is legal in some other states, presents a modern problem where people who are otherwise innocent of any criminal conduct are receiving felony convictions. If they lived in another state, they would not even be violating the law, let alone be guilty of a felony. Wisconsin’s current law unfairly punishes people who may have legitimate reasons to smoke, such as for medical purposes.

I have also seen the District Attorney’s office charge felony possession charges, alleging that an individual had the intent to sell the drugs, even though very little evidence would suggest that. These types of charges can be tossed out well before trial. Drug offenses should not be resolved with felony convictions, but with treatment and counseling to help recover from a dependence. More serious drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, can carry stiff penalties even for very small amounts. It is important that these cases be fought with the utmost care.

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