Criminal Lawyer in Kenosha County and area

The 6th Amendment to the United State Constitution guarantees you the assistance of counsel for your defense.  But such rights are meaningless if you don’t exercise them. You have the right to an attorney. Do not take this lightly.  It is important that you contact a lawyer who handles criminal cases as soon as possible before admitting any guilt or entering a plea in your case.

Aneeq Ahmad, Criminal Defense Attorney – Experienced Matters

As a defense attorney, I am dedicated to providing the thorough and results-oriented representation in criminal matters. Often times, the criminally charged are individuals who were in the wrong place at the wrong time or were falsely accused. I pride myself on taking a client-centered approach towards representation that focuses on achieving the best possible result with your goals in mind. My job is to protect your rights and fight for you – and only you.

And don’t despair… remember, an arrest is not necessarily a conviction. There are numerous options available and multiple avenues that can be taken to fight your case. My job as a defense lawyer is to assert your rights, call to the attention of the Court the unfairness of the prosecution, and to help you tell your side of the story.

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